50th Review Special – Toxic Emotion

For our 50th Review Special, we’re not bringing you just one review but an album feature alongside a single, all from Toxic Emotion (AKA Daniel David Lopez).


Due to YouTube copyright rules, we are unable to display the official playlist on the blog but you can listen to the full album on YouTube HERE.

“Beautiful Randomness” is Toxic Emotion’s debut album, out on DROM, and is perfectly named! (When I asked what the intention behind the album was, Daniel responded “It’s random and it’s beautiful!” can’t argue with that!)

The album is an eclectic mix of genres, moving from instrumental future bass sounds to more poppy vocal tracks and on to full-on house grooves and aggressive trap and dubstep beats. The album has tracks that you can chill to at home alongside ones that wouldn’t sound out of place in the club.

The standard of production, as you’d expect from an artist (recently) signed to DROM, is really high. It’s great to hear more artists expressing a range of emotions, sounds and just their creativity through full album releases (where singles can be restrictive).

Personal highlights from “Beautiful Randomness” are:

  • The electronic, almost video-game sounding, vocal future bass sounds of “Here For You”
  • The funky house vibes in “Taking it Back” which blends, live-sounding, funk rhythm guitar with a simple synth riff, chopped vocals and a grooving bassline.
  • The heavy bass, chilled beats, synths and vocals on “The Feels”
  • The aggressive beat, brass synths and staccato percussive pad hook in “Panda Trap 2.0”

“Taking It Back” is finally getting a release on Deeplife Records (a perfect match) and brings a big slab of classic house vibes.

Taking it’s inspiration from the classic, piano-riff driven, house sound of the 90s, “Taking It Back” is unapologetic about it’s roots with the vocals declaring that it’s taking things “Back to the Old Skool”.

Toxic Emotion keeps the beats simple with the infectious piano chord riff and pumping bassline doing the bulk of the work.

A pad hook (in the same melody as the piano chords) adds some variation. This one keeps things nice and simple but will get you moving while bringing back plenty of memories.

A few more modern production touches keep this from sounding dated and bring a nice balance between old and new sounds.

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