amuse – Love Your Enemies (Original Mix )

Those of you who are fans of Tech House should, if you aren’t already, definitely have amuse and Tech the Truth Records firmly on your radar.

amuse has a very distinctive minimal style that combines heavily processed vocal stabs, rich rhythms, deep bass and infectious synth hooks.

Featuring a heavily reverbed and echoing sample of Matthew 5:44 “Love Your Enemies”, this track builds from simple beats and synths and gradually adding the vocals. The sample gets more frenzied through the break as it builds to the main drop where the beats build and the synth hooks comes more to the fore with additional vocal stabs and other tech-synth elements added as well.

The track then ebbs and flows through to the end, building and falling nicely to keep interest peaked and feet moving on the dance floor.

Definitely check out amuse and Tech the Truth Records if your a fan of deep tech house combined with the truth of scripture!


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