An Apology!

You may have noticed (or not!) a distinct lack of activity on the website for some time now.

This has not been intentional! Rather, as it has a habit of doing, life has gotten in the way a lot over the last year (with new additions to our family and other things that have been going on) and we have dropped the ball a bit (a lot) with the reviews etc.

So, please accept my apologies if you’ve missed the review, if we’ve missed reviewing your track or if you’ve been in contact and haven’t had a response from us.

I would love to be able to write that the challenges of life are now over and that we will be back on it properly with the reviews but that wouldn’t really be honest.

I will, however, say that we will do our best to get some reviews posted more regularly and, at a minimum, keep the social media updated – check us out on Facebook, Twitter and SoundCloud.

We’d also still love to hear from you if you’re a Christian producer/DJ so please do get in touch, just try to be patient if you don’t get an immediate response!

God Bless

Tim – Found Beats

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