Bernardo Basso – The Preacher Man EP

“The Preacher Man EP” is a quality collection of 4 House Tracks from Mexican DJ and Producer Bernado Basso (out on JDR Music).

The release opens up with the title track “The Preacher Man (That’s My King)” which features a sample from pentecostal-style preacher declaring the greatness of God over an instrumental that reminds me a bit of the 90s techno played by DJs like Carl Cox (although at a slower BPM!). I really like how the key vocal in the track “That’s my King, I wonder do you know him” is highlighted by a small pause in the instrumental, emphasising the evangelical gospel message and the challenge from the speaker to the listener.

Track 2, “Promesa” (Promise) is a more chilled affair, slowly building with simple synth hooks and mellow beats. This would sound great on a relaxing summers evening!

Next is the more up-tempo “HOP”. The military/marching style snare rhythms and piano riffs drive this instrumental track while the synth adds more depth to the melodies.

The EP is rounded out by another more chilled track, “Walk With Him”. This synth riff on this reminds me a bit of some of the commercial house tracks that were out in the mid-2000s (from producers like the similarly named, but definitely not as God-honouring, Benny Bennasi). I really like the echo-effects on the main hook and the way the track transitions from the more complex breaks into the simple beat and synth drops.

The 4 tracks are all very individual in their style/genre of House but sit really nicely together as a cohesive EP.

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