Cover image for Run and Hide MrClottey Club Remix by Bianca Rose

Bianca Rose – Run and Hide (MrClottey Club Remix)

Right, we are back and in full-on catch up mode!

This time we’ve got a melodic, deep house remix of “Run and Hide” by Bianca Rose from MrClottey.

I love how this track builds slowly through the vocals starting with just a wispy single chord and kick and gradually adding more melodic elements as we reach the breakdown, then the DEEP bassline hits.

Bianca Rose has a stunning, soulful voice that MrClottey’s production on this remix compliments really well, fitting the vocals beautifully around the beats and melodies so that they, and the message they speak, remain firmly the focus of the track.

Some more tech sounding synth riffs are brought in later on to give the track a bit more edge but without drastically changing the overall feel of it.

If you haven’t already, alongside MrClottey, make sure you check out Bianca Rose (she has a stunning duet with Lucy Grimble called “Still I Will Praise” that came out at the back end of last year which has been receiving a lot of support from people like UCB Radio).

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