Chris Howland – All Things

“All things were created through Him and for Him”

“Everything, all of our gifts”, “Everything exists for the glory of God”

I love the fact that, by creating a track with this message at its heart, Chris Howland demonstrates what the lyrics declare – using his music production gifting to create something for the glory of God.

The track itself is a quality slice of bass-heavy deep house with a nice, simple piano chord sequence and pads/synths complimenting the driving bass.

Chris Howland is one of my favourite producers on the CEDM scene so look out for more of his tracks/remixes here soon.

If you like “All Things”, you can download it for free from The Artist Union – be aware that you will need both Soundcloud and Spotify accounts and be willing to connect them both to The Artist Union in order to get the free download. Personally, I liked the track enough to sign up to Spotify and then delete my account afterwards just to get it!!! (UPDATE – Chris Howland has advised that you shouldn’t need to sign up to Spotify to download this anymore, just Soundcloud – which I would recommend doing anyway)

Listen to more from Chris Howland on Soundcloud

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