Chris Howland feat. Pablo Cordovi – Testimony

Digging through the archives again for another bit of quality production from Chris Howland.

“Testimony” is a great bit of (funky) classic house and Howland’s production on this is supertight. The jazzy, live sounding, bassline and beautiful keys and guitar stabs provide a great bed for the spoken word vocals from Cordovi.

The story of the lyrics takes us through the struggles of a man trying to satisfy his desires with excesses of the flesh and worldly ideas about happiness, and how it was only when he tried God (as a last resort!) that he found peace and true satisfaction.

The storyteller describes how God brought about real and lasting change to his life in areas that, in his own strength, he was unable to ovecome.

The message of the track is one of victory over sin a death through salvation and trust in God, presented in a form that would have any dancefloor moving.


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