Chris Howland – Next To Me & Nathanael Bryce – In My Mouth (Transform Remixes)

The Transform boys have been a bit busier on the production front recently with several remixes released over the last few months. If you like House, you’ll like these….

Chris Howland – Next To Me (Transform Remix)

The Transform Remix of Chris Howland’s “Next to Me” keeps the laid back, chilled feel of the original but switches up the style by utilising more electro-style bass riffs and adding some serious echo/reverb to the vocals.

This one bumps along nicely, retains enough elements from the original (aside from the vocals) to make it familiar and yet different!

This one will sit nicely in deep/chilled house sets.

Nathanael Bryce – In My Mouth (Transform Remix)

Nathanael Bryce (whose vocals you will, no doubt, recognise from numerous tracks/features under his Goshen Sai moniker) put out an album of down-tempo electronic worship tracks (“Time Will Come”) back in September this year and has followed it up an album of Remixes from some of the biggest names on the CEDM scene (David Thulin, Chris Howland, Levi Whalen, Kevin Aleksander, DJ Jireh, FirstlLast, Dan Garay, DJ Epiphany & Taylor Franklyn, his own Goshen Sai versions and, of course, Transform).

The Transform remix of “In My Mouth” opens up with Nathanael Bryce’s beautiful vocals over a simple beat and airy chords. The lyrics speak of the faithfulness of God and how that, as a result, His praise will “Always be in my mouth”.

The track builds with haunting vocal elements, an electro-style bass riff that sits nicely behind the melodies allowing the vocals and lighter elements of the production drive the track.

The great thing about this track is that the remix retains the integrity of a quality house track while not pushing the worship nature of the vocal into the background. Too often tracks either lose their overtly God-centred focus through chopping of vocals to fit the production or their production integrity by trying to just shoehorn a worship song into an EDM track. Transform strike a great balance on this one.

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