Chris Howland – Worship

Another one from the Chris Howland archives and more of that classic Deep House vibe Chris is so good at producing.

“God deserves our worship”

“It’s all about Him”

I really like the pad hook on this, the whole track has quite a funky feel to it through the pattern of the notes and the rhythm of the high-hats and sliced vocal elements.

The spoken word vocals remind a me a bit of the more recent “All Things” (read our review here) in that the message is very simple – it’s all about God.

The main reason I am such a big fan of Chris Howland’s work is his ability to seemlessly blend very overtly Christian lyrics with high quality productions without losing the integrity of either the message or the music.

Look out for new stuff from Chris coming out on Drom soon.

Listen to more from Chris Howland on Soundcloud

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