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Coco Street & Laladee – Gold Again (dustclears Bootleg)

I’ve not heard anything from dustclears previously and, unexpectedly, stumbled across this gem of a bootleg on Soundcloud.

The understated approach to the instrumental compliments Laladee’s vocals really well, keeping them the focus of the track.

The repeated staccato chord stab gently rises and falls through the track to build the atmosphere, with the melodic vocal elements adding extra depth to this.

From dustclears’ instagram:

Fun fact: I didn’t intend this to be a bootleg. At first, I wanted to flip samples for a different remix contest and felt like my deep, minimal take needed some immersive female vocals. When I used AI to dissect @laladeemusic ‘s vocals out of the original tune, it was as if they wanted to be in the centre of my tune all along.

“Fill my cup with wonder,
bless my lips with praise,
pour your spirit over again“

dustclears has absolutely nailed it on this, the track really elevating Laladee’s beautiful, emotive and captivating vocal.

Will be looking out for more from this “Jesus-loving Junglist”.

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