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Damaged Goods (UK) – Holy Spirit (Original & DJ Spen & Soulfuledge Remix)

Damaged Goods (UK) is a recent project from two artists we’ve featured on Found Beats previously – Gareth Dicks (who you may know from his House of Praise productions) and Coco Street.

I must start by apologising to Gareth as, when we reviewed “Glorious”¬†last year, we forgot to mention Damaged Goods (UK) and his involvement in the track. We have now, belatedly, corrected this error on our part – Sorry Gareth!!

This release, out on Quantize, sees a familiar group of artists/producers to the “Glorious” release, with Damaged Goods (UK), DJ Spen and Terrence Parker all making appearances.

For the review, we’ve picked the original and the DJ Spen & Soulfuledge Remix as the stand out tracks for us.

I’m not sure why it took me until now to realise that Gareth Dicks was part of Damaged Goods (UK) (other than that I hadn’t actually dug deep enough previously). The production style on the original mix has so many hallmarks that you’d recognise from his releases as House of Praise – Big uplifting synth progressions, staccato bassline and numerous atmospheric and melodic touches that give his productions real depth.

Coco Street’s vocals compliment the production really nicely with lyrics that are just pure worship.

The DJ Spen & Soulfuledge production, similar to the DJ Spen & Reelsoul remix of “Glorious”, brings some classic 90s house vibes to the track. Driven more by the more obvious bass riff, the track ensures that the vocals (and their message) stay firmly at the forefront, the melodic elements (piano and organ chord progressions, orchestral & synth chords) all sitting under the bass and vocals.

Quantize, as a label, should already be firmly on the radar of Gospel House fans and “Holy Spirit” is another quality release from them.

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