Cover image for Raise Me Up Happy Day by Dav Risen and Paul B

Dav Risen & Paul B – You Raise Me Up (Happy Day) (Dav Risen Dub Mix)

Dav Risen & Paul B aren’t artists we were aware of before but, when the first you hear of someone is a release on Quantize Recordings, you know you can expect something good!

This is no exception and definitely doesn’t disappoint. With floating, airy Gospel vocals that flow in and out of the mix, a bumping bassline and grooving rhythms, You Raise Me Up (Happy Day) will certainly lift your spirits on even the darkest day.

The release comes with three quality version but, for us, the Dav Risen Dub is the one to head to. It retains the vast majority of the elements of the main version but, in our opinion, has the best balance of the three.

Dav Risen has a number of other tracks around which we will try to share on the blog as and when we can (at the time of writing this, we couldn’t find shareable links so you could play the tracks directly from our site via embedded Soundcloud/Spotify links – we’ll keep looking though so watch this space).

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