Deeflash – Dirt On The Transistor (Original Mix)

“Dirt on The Transistor” is a weighty slice of Tech House from Deeflash (AKA Reiche).

The track opens with a simple 4/4 beat and driving bassline. Other percussive elements and fat synths build the track into brief pause before it drops into a fuller beat while maintaining the heavy bass and sparse synths. Haunting, echoing vocal stabs add atmosphere to the track and sweeping chords build it even further.

It’s not until we get about half way through the track that the main melody is introduced. A simple pad riff lifts the, otherwise, fairly moody track. A break strips things back before it drops again into the driving beat and full melodic and percussive elements. The outro is stripped back to just the beat and sparse synths while the other elements fade.

I love the atmosphere that Deeflash builds in the track, starting off heavy and moody and then adding in the lighter, more hopeful sounding hook which really lifts the feel of the track.

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