Dj EL3V8E – Deep Gospel Tech

DJ EL3V8E bringing a mix of deep & minimal Tech grooves showcasing the best from Amuse on Tech The Truth and Deep4Jesus Records.

**Listeners in the USA may not be able to access the mix uploaded to Mixcloud, if not, listen on Soundcloud below

IF you are looking for great quality gospel tech and enjoyed what you here check out the link:


1) amuse_Why U Dancing_(TTT Mix)_Tech The Truth Rec.
2) amuse_The Body_(Original Mix)_Tech The Truth Rec.
3) amuse_Child of God_(Original Mix)_Unreleased
4) amuse_Time_(Original Mix)_Deep4Jesus Rec.
5) amuse_ He Speaks_(Original Mix)_Tech The Truth Rec.
6) amuse_God’s Strength_(Original Mix)_Unreleased
7) amuse_Love Your Enemies_(Original Mix)_Tech The Truth Rec.
8) amuse_Passion_(Original Mix)_Deep4Jesus Rec.
9) amuse_Son In The Sky_(Original Mix)_Unreleased
10) amuse_Everlasting Word_(Minimal Mix)_Tech The Truth Rec.
11) Summer Socia & Friends_Sonrise_(amuse’s Reconstruction Mix)_Deep Town Music
12) New Life_(Original Mix)_Tech The Truth Rec.
13) Healing Power_(Deep Healing Mix)_Tech The Truth Rec.
14) Paul Andrew_God Is In This Thang_(amuse’s Mix)_Tech the Truth Rec.
15) God Tek_Jesus Beats Acid_(amuse Remix)_Tech the Truth Rec.

If you liked the mix, why not check out Dj EL3V8E on SoundCloud.

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