Doc Skulley Ft. Echoboyy – Never Back Down (Chris Howland Remix)

Chris Howland does it again! This time with a bass heavy, UK Garage-edged, deep house remix of “Never Back Down” by Doc Skulley with vocals from Echoboyy.

“Never Back Down, Never Give Up, Never Give In, Fight ‘Til The End!”

Exhoboyy’s strong vocals give this track the fighting spirit the lyric’s convey, impressing on the listener the need to press on and let the light we have shine through the darkness we face in the world.

This one opens with a 4/4 intro, that has that slight garage-edge with the swinging hats, before bringing in a MASSIVE garage-style bassline.

A short breakdown introduces the vocals before it drops into the deep-house core of the track and the full vocal.

A further drop with that ridiculous bassline builds things again by stripping everything back, creating anticipation as the deep house pads and kick gradually brings us back to the drop.

The release also features Doc Skulley’s progressive original along with a funky, house remix from How 2 Fly, a harder, progressive, take from House of Praise and an electro offering from DJ Epiphany.

For me, the Chris Howland remix is the pick of the bunch, but there’s something for most people here.

Listen to more from Doc Skulley on Soundcloud

Listen to more from Chris Howland on Soundcloud

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