Faith Massive – Cloudburst (Yoshida Remix)

Yoshida (AKA J Davis) with a progressive house remix of his own track “Cloudburst” (under his Faith Massive moniker) taking it in a completely different direction to the smooth liquid drum & bass of the original track.

Despite being a lower BPM, the remix actually sounds more up-tempo that the original with the chilled intro chords quickly dropping into an energetic synth and chopped vocal hook.

This is complimented by a funk guitar sounding riff. The track then strips the main synth back and introduces a more rhythmic synth hook and pads with chords gradually building.

The breakdown then takes the track in a slightly different direction with more melodic pads, the funk guitar riff and vocals driving through a more minimal section before the main synth hook drops back in.

This is definitely one to get the dance floor moving!

Look out for our review of Faith Massive’s album “Life Is Beautiful” (out on Devout Artists) soon.

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