Faith Massive – Stories

Smooth, Liquid Drum & Bass from Faith Massive (AKA Multi-talented US producer/musician Joey Davis).

“Stories” opens up with simple hats and sweeping synths before dropping the beat in. Melodic piano riffs,  orchestral stabs and echoing vocals are added before the track breaks.

The main vocal hook and additional synths quickly build the track to the drop where the main bassline takes over.

More piano and orchestral elements filter in and out of the track as it pushes on.

“Stories” really reminds me of the stuff Hospital Records were putting out in the early 2000s in it’s melodic/musical style. This is a great mix of beautiful melodies and a harder bassline that just work together perfectly.

Joey Davis is putting out some great stuff at the moment and, if D&B isn’t your thing, you should check out his releases under his Yoshida moniker (check back here in the near future for a review of his latest release on MK837)

Listen to more from Joey Davis on SoundCloud

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