Fher Vizzuëtt – Stronger & Burn

Fher Vizzuëtt’s been busy, with 2 strong releases out in a space of a couple of weeks on Fuzion Four!

“Stronger” starts with a downtempo feeling intro which almost deceives you into thinking that this track has a lower BPM than it really does. When the synths and rhythmic, industrial, electronic sounds kick in, the track seems to gather pace, the rising notes building things to a crescendo as it heads to the breakdown.

Orchestral strings and pulsing synths give this an epic feeling of drama, falling away before dropping into the main beat.

I often struggle with the names of instrumental tracks, trying to make the connection between them and the music itself. Having listened to this track a few time, the title makes perfect sense to me. This track has a sense of urgency and excitement, despite the downtempo intro, a feeling of a rising up and being strengthened and emboldened.

“Burn” is more frantic and energetic from the outset with far more going on compared to “Stronger”. It has a more classic trance feel in both the sounds used and the makeup of the track. The break has that classic mix of string power chords and rising synth riffs creating a “hands in the air” moment that is so familiar to the classic trance sound.

The track then drops into a main hook that uses synths that are almost acid house in their sound taking things in a slightly different, but effective, direction.

The classic trance is then brought back to the fore as “Burn” relentlessly pushes on. Just listening to this feels like a workout and leaves you breathless with its pace and energy.

Listen to more from Fher Vizzuëtt on SoundCloud.


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