Frequent Flyer Miles – Coming Home (Noel Sanger Remix)

Noel Sanger’s Progressive/Minimal House Remix of “Coming Home” from Frequent Flyer Miles is a huge departure from the high tempo trance original.

This version strips everything right back, the melodies are simplified, the tempo pulled back and the vocals removed to the point that, unless you knew this was a remix, you might think it was a completely original track.

Sanger uses simple synth riffs, sweeps and pad bass elements to build a very atmospheric track. The addition of a piano break brings more melody to things and complements the simplified drops.

With releases on some of the biggest labels on the scene (including Spinnin’, Armada and Perfecto) and having worked with some major names in the music business, if you aren’t already aware of Noel Sanger then you should be!

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