Galactus Jack – Universal (Album)

Universal is the debut solo album from Galactus Jack AKA Manchester-based Ben Jack.

I’ve not had a chance to listen to the album in full but from what I have heard (from the tracks posted on Soundcloud and the previews on iTunes), the album balances big-room EDM sounds with a clear call to worship and engage with God.

Galactus Jack has brought his live-DJ performances to a lot of the mainstream Christian music events and festivals and I can see the tracks on this album being a great fit for that kind of setting as they have a more commercial sound and will appeal to a wider audience.

I’ve heard Ben speak at a youth event so have seen the authenticity of his relationship with God and his desire to communicate the gospel message to people in a way that they can relate to and engage with, the same goes for his music.

Listen to more from Galactus Jack on Soundcloud

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