Galactus Jack – Younger Days

Galactus Jack is back with the full album of “Younger Days” (you may have seen our review of the “Younger Days, Part 1” EP back in April 2017).

“Following up from the 2016 release UNIVERSAL and the Younger Days EP releases throughout 2017, the full Younger Days album is designed for the summer, an unashamed dance record full of songs that are perfect for driving in the sunshine or partying with friends as the sun goes down, that speaks to faith, life and love.”

Following the instrumental intro “Beginning”, the album opens up with “New Horizon” (featuring vocalist Meg Latham), a chilled Future Bass track that speaks of the change experienced at salvation, where the striving to overcome life’s issues in our own strength turns to the freedom only experienced by laying it all down at the feet of our creator and the new possibilities this opens up where previously there seemed to be no hope.

“On My Mind” is a collaboration with fellow “evangelistic party starters” Twelve24 and showcases their signature mix of rap and soulful vocals over quality EDM beats. The lyrics come from the point of view of someone who is feeling uncertain about their faith and the very existence of God but who can’t get away from the fact that, despite their doubts, God is always there in their thoughts and by their side – something a lot of Christians will be able to identify with from times in their own lives.

(On a side note, the retro gaming inspired lyric video for “On My Mind” is definitely worth checking out on YouTube)

“82” (featuring in-demand producer Geek Boy) starts out with high-energy, Skrillex-style relentless beats and harsh vocal stabs. The track then drops into a very chilled break before building through some big room EDM sounds before smacking you round the face with the dubstep again!

Next up is the summery, tropical house “Back To Life”. SoulBox provides the vocals which seem to describe the writers desperation to re-ignite their relationship with God, not wanting to wait a minute longer for God to bring them back to life.

“I’m so scared of waiting til tomorrow, I’ve gotta make my feelings known tonight, so won’t you bring me back to life”

Track 6 is “Lay It Down” with Philippa Hanna on vocal duties. The track opens up with some laid-back chords and chilled beats before the instrumental and lyrics ramp things up.

“Lay It Down” blends straight into “Lay It Down, Part II”, a more stripped back moody version of the track with processed and heavily chopped vocals, darker chords and bigger basslines.

The title track of the album, “Younger Days” features Australian spoken word artist Joel McKerrow, opens up the concept of the album to the listener…

“Younger Days is an album that explores faith and life, and what it means to actively think about your journey as you live it out. There are moments of joy, moments of submission, moments of wrestle, as there are in life. On a surface level, hopefully people will have fun with the record, but as they listen more I hope they begin to think about what it means to have the faith of younger days, the faith of a humble child… to follow Jesus with the humility and joy of being accepted as a child of God, and to enjoy the party along the way.”

“100” (featuring Dawn Elektra) is another summery house track with uplifting  pad riffs and lyrics speak of a response to God in worship, adoration and total abandon. (If you like your Drum & Bass, make sure you check out the BCee remix of 100)

Next is “Breathe Again”, a heavily re-worked version of “Breathe”, from the Part 1 EP, switching from the original Synthwave & Future Garage sounds to a darker Trap interpretation.

Track 11 is the afro beats inspired “Baba Oluwa” (translated as Father God) featuring Pa-Jero. The gospel lyrics declaring the greatness of God and his blessings over His children.

Things ramp up again with the intense and moody “Lionheart”, a collaboration with rising dutch DJ Roberto Rosso and featuring the vocal skills of Wilkinson hype-man Ad-Apt whose flow fits tightly over the heavier beats while the lyrics declare the authority we have in God and the courage we take hold of in His victory.

“I Got You” (with SoulBox) is a nice and chilled Tropical House track (reminiscent of Kygo, Felix Jaehn etc) which, as with the other vocal tracks on the EP, uses lyrics that communicate something of the heart of God in their message.

The album rounds out with “Don’t Let Go” which features the vocal talents of another Manchester-based artist (Jonathan Ogden of Rivers & Robots). Ogden’s vocal style fits perfectly over the echoing, chilled future bass beats. The lyrics speak of the peace that comes from knowing God and the security we have in him.

Galactus Jack has a big heart for evangelism and youth (we first met Ben at a local youth event where he was speaking) and this album has a great blend of uplifting, hope-filled, God-focused messages and quality beats that will get people moving. I can really see a lot of the tracks being used at Youth events and fitting perfectly in DJ-lead worship sets.

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