Galactus Jack – Younger Days, Pt 1

“Younger Days: Part 1” is the follow up to Galactus Jack’s 2016 Album “Universal“.

This EP probably has a less explicit Gospel message to it. Instead, it mixes dance-floor focused productions with vocal tracks that describe life-scenarios from the perspective of a believer.

“Horizon” speaks of the change experienced at salvation, where the striving to overcome life’s issues in our own strength turns to the freedom only experienced by laying it all down at the feet of our creator and the new possibilities this opens up where previously there seemed to be no hope.

“82” starts out with high-energy, Skrillex-style relentless beats and harsh vocal stabs. The track then drops into a very chilled break before building through some big room EDM sounds before smacking you round the face with the dubstep again!

Next up is “Breathe” which leads with a very 80s Synthwave intro and vocals that, again, express the freedom found in God’s love. The vocals are then looped and the track builds towards a massive future garage drop. The track bounces back and forth between the 2 styles before landing with a dubstep-style outro.

“I Got You” is a nicely chilled vocal Tropical House track (reminiscent of Kygo, Felix Jaehn etc) which, as with the other vocal tracks on the EP, uses lyrics that communicate something of the heart of God in their message.

Also included in the release is a Geek Boy remix of “82” that takes a more relaxed approach to the track, reducing the BPMs slightly and focusing more on the downtempo breaks than the relentless drops!

Where “Universal” showcased a variety of EDM styles across it’s track list, with “Younger Days: Part 1” Galactus Jack plays with genres within the tracks themselves, often pairing quite opposite styles and ensuring that you are never quite sure where the track will take you next.

If you are a fan of Galatus Jack, you can catch his DJ-Led worship dance party at all 4 days of the Big Church Day Out this year.

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