General Information


The Found Beats Blog was set up in July 2016 with the intention of sharing high quality dance music produced by Christian Artists.

Found Beats does not generate revenue from the links, music, posts or pages published on the Found Beats Blog

The Found Beats Blog is run as not-for-profit.

Music Posted on the Website

The music that we post on the blog will be from Christian artists.

The content of the track does not have to be obviously Christian (I.e. Instrumentals and songs about life in general are acceptable) but tracks with any lyrical, or other, content that we feel is not God-honouring will not be shared.

Remixes of songs where the original artist is Christian but the remix artist may not be are also acceptable.

We would only post songs from non-Christian artists that have been remixed by Christian artists where the remixer has added obvious Christian content (e.g. Lyrics).

We will try to verify that the producers/remixers (where applicable) are Christian but may, on occasion, get this wrong (we are human after all!!).

Where a mistake has been made, we will unpublish the blog post/page and remove any associated posts on social media.

For the DJ Mixes section of the website, we ask the guest DJ to ensure that all tracks included in the mixes are by Christian artists.

If you have any concerns about music posted on the blog, please get in touch with us on and we will look into them.


All music and associated artwork posted in the blog, DJ Mixes and on any other area of the site remains the copyright of the original artist(s).

Found Beats only claims copyright to the written content of the blog (with the exception of any text quoted from other sources) and the Found Beats logo(s) and imagery.

No copyright infringement is intended. If you feel that your copyright has been infringed, please contact us on


Internal (Found Beats) and External (other websites) links are included where Found Beats feel that they are relevant to the content of the post/page they link from and are suitable for the likely audience e.g. for:

  • Further information relevant to the subject of the post/page
  • Background information
  • Useful practical information
  • Entertainment/enjoyment

Where a link to an external website is provided, the content of the website will be reviewed when the post/page is published. However, Found Beats is not responsible for the content of external websites for the following reasons:

  • We do not produce, maintain or update them
  • We cannot change them
  • The owner of them can change the content without our knowledge or consent

A link to an external website should not be taken to be an endorsement of that website or its owner/s (or their products and/or services).

If you find the content on any external website linked from Found Beats to be offensive, please contact us on and we will review it.


Please note that the statements above are for information purposes only and, as such, do not constitute any form of legally binding terms & conditions.