GODTEK – Rejoice Ft. Louria Matlock (Via Theo Dege)

With beats from UK based GODTEK (George Pinnegar) and vocals from Louria Matlock out of Arizona via Switzerland’s Theo Dege, this is truly an international tech-house affair!

Rejoice is a real mix of gospel and tech-house sounds starting with a straight 4/4 kick and piano chord stabs. The soulful vocals join fairly quickly, dancing round melodies while the repetitive saw bassline and additional percussion build things into a fuller sound.

At about 4 minutes in, the pressure starts to build and, as we hit the break, the piano riff is switched up to a more melodic chord pattern. The track then breaks into a moodier and more aggressive synth-led section with driving beats and staccato piano stabs.

The second half is quite different to the first, but the consistent and constant vocals really bring the 2 sections together nicely.

Rejoice is more of a mid-set builder  than a track you’d drop at the peak of a mix and it works really well in that context.

GODTEK has recently joined Tech-House CEDM stable God’s House Music so look out for more stuff coming out of there in the near future.

If you like the vocals in this, you should check out the Neno Fut remix which features a different edit of the same vocals and backs them with a high-energy, Future House track.

Listen to more from GODTEK on SoundCloud

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