Hillsong UNITED – Where Feet May Fail (HXLY KXSS Remix)

If you go on Soundcloud and search for “Worship Remix” you will probably find the results are littered with bootlegs of Oceans by Hillsong (seriously, I think every Christian with access to a basic DAW has had a go…..). What you won’t find though is this offering from Hillsong UNITED’s own “White Album” remixed by Leeds based HXLY KXSS.

While most of the other remixes of Oceans focus on trying to create an electronic version of the popular worship song without changing the structure, HXLY KXSS focuses on creating a legitimate house track by sampling and looping lyrics from the “Spirit lead me” bridge of the song.

What you get is a track that is overtly God-centric but that has the structure and feel of traditional house track and with the productions qualities that you would expect from something out of the Hillsong Music camp.

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