House Of Praise – Colours EP

We previously shared the Colours Preview that House of Praise put up on Soundcloud 9 months ago, now for the full release on Deeplife Records.

“Serenity” is less Gospel-edged that Colours but uses more bright synths and pads to deliver another uplifting track. The staccato synth and 3-note baseline give this track a punchy feel while various synth-stabs and riffs keep the track varied without deviation too far from its original path.

The final track, “My Feelings Run Deep”, sits somewhere between “Colours” and “Serenity” in it’s style and feel, drawing on the orchestral chords of “Colours” and driven bassline in “Serenity”. Added to this is a simple but beautifully composed piano melody that adds additional emotion and feel to the track.

This is a really solid release with a clear connecting thread running through the tracks.

I really like the warmth and “fullness” that House of Praise gets into his productions, layering up melodic elements while still keeping a simplicity to things.

Listen to more from House of Praise on Soundcloud

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