House of Praise – El Paradise EP

“El Paradise EP” is the follow up to “Colours EP” (put out on Deeplife Records in September last year) and picks up where the last release left off.

Both El Paradise and Sunrise feature the classic house elements that are fast becoming synonymous with House of Praise’s style (without becoming formulaic).

Classic organ synths riffs and pad hooks in “El Paradise” create a vibrant and uplifting track, evoking a sense of joy and abandonment.

“Sunrise” utilises more sweeping synth chords to create that moment of anticipation as you wait on the cusp of the dawn, seeing the light appearing just before the sun breaks through the horizon.

The more electronic sounding riffs give it a slightly harder edge with the orchestral synth hook bringing in the familiar gospel-tinged, instrumental house sound.

Both tracks continue the run of high quality music coming from the Deeplife stable and are a perfect follow up to House of Praise’s previous releases.

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