Jules Rendell – Old Friend (MrClottery Remix)

MrClottey on the remix duties for Jules Rendell’s “Old Friend” bringing some chilled house vibes to Jules’ heartfelt and soulful vocals.

The remix is subtly clever in the way that the core elements such as the synths and keys remain pretty consistent throughout the track but slight variations in tone and rhythms ensure that it feels varied and evolves as the track progresses. I really like the placement of the hats in the beat to give it a swing feel following the straight forward kick/clap intro.

The uncluttered and simple feel of the remix instrumental also helps to showcase Jules’ beautiful vocals and the tale they tell.

Speaking to www.musicmusingsandsuch.com, Jules discusses the story behind the lyrics:

“The first half of this year (2017) I found really hard and I struggled for the first time in ages with my mental-health. I felt under a lot of pressure to achieve stuff, be good enough; write amazing songs; earn loads of money. I was working really hard but I felt I was achieving nothing: so, I would work harder, not see my friends; not do fun things; not rest.

Anyway, I went up to my friend’s house in Manchester to get away from the rush of London and quiet myself to write. It was such a relief to be around chilled people and not face my usual pressures: friends can make you see things differently. I came back so much more relaxed and, actually, my year got a lot better from that point…”

On listening to the track before reading the interview, the lyrics to me are also very relatable to those times when we feel down, dejected and far from God and in need of his refreshing through re-prioritising our relationship with Him and allowing Him to bring out the treasure he has placed in us.

We’ve also had a preview of a new, harder house track from MrClottey which we can’t wait for the release of. The date is, as yet, unknown, but look out for it as it’s a certified banger!

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