Karim Sahraoui – One

With releases on Transmat, Bedrock and Ovum (and numerous other labels), you know that the quality of production from Karim Sahraoui is going to be tight and “One” does not disappoint.

The release is a collection of deep house and techno tracks put out on Mirakles Music that have a consistent style and sound but with the strength and quality to stand alone in their own right.

Sahraoui’s big strength in his production is the ability to gradually build the tracks, adding subtle elements to the mix to create an atmosphere rather than relying on big synths, breaks and drops to bring interest to the tracks.

For me, the best tracks on the release are:

  • Soul Purpose (Spiritual Vision) – Led by very bright percussive hi-hats, the minimal beat, subtle chords and delayed pads gradually build with warm bass notes, claps and string/flute riffs joining as the track progresses to fill out the sound
  • Das Himmelreich (The Kingdom of Heaven) – This one has a more vibrant feel to it with rising synths and chords intermittently sweeping through the pulsing rhythms. The percussion on this one is much more subdued with the melodies taking centre stage.
  • Song For Nina-Maria – Dedicated to his 1st daughter, “Song For Nina-Maria” is an uplifting deep house track. Piano stabs, latin-style percussion and a rising, deep bassline are complimented by the sounds of children playing evoking memories of warm summers evenings, playing in the street with friends and family – an age before the cares of the world had taken some of the joy out of these times. Additional keys and orchestral chords increase the warmth and emotion as the track tells its story

It’s always great to find an established artist within the secular music scene who has decided not to hide their faith but to openly express it through their music.

“One” is available for free in return for subscribing to the Mirakles Music website which you can do HERE.

“freely it has been given to you, freely give.” Matthew 10:8

Listen to more from Karim Sahraoui on Soundcloud

Listen to more from Mirakles Music on Soundcloud

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