Karim Sahraoui – Various New Releases

I had planned to review a couple of new tracks from Karim over a few days but he seems to be putting out so much high quality new music at the moment across a number of different labels that I decided to just put it all in one big review!

Alpha & Omega EP (ARTS)

Out on ARTS, Alpha & Omega is a 3 track EP of Deep House and "musical" Techno tracks that are unmistakably Karim Sahraoui's work.

Although this is an instrumental EP, each of these tracks seem to tell a story through their melodies and rhythms.

One of the things I really like about Karim's production is the depth of sound he creates through multiple layers of synths, percussion, bass and keys. There is so much variation through the tracks that, even though the melodies are simple, there is always something new to grab your attention and draw you in to the music.

The Mission EP (OFF Recordings)

The Mission EP, on OFF Recordings, is actually a 4 track EP (2 tracks with 2 remixes) but we have decided just to focus on the original mixes of the 2 tracks.

Compared to Alpha & Omega, these tracks are much more tech-edged with more electronic sounding synths and simpler beats and riffs.

What remains consistent is the layering of elements to build up and bring down the intensity in the tracks and bring a narrative to the instrumentals.

Mirakles Music - L.O.R.D and J.O.Y

L.O.R.D and J.O.Y are the latest releases on Karim's own Mirakles Music imprint.

L.O.R.D combines constant synth riffs with orchestral chord sections and a repeating gospel choir vocal. The track has Karim's signature touches of deep layering of sounds and manipulation of the different elements to build the intensity and emotion within the music.

J.O.Y is a more minimal affair with more stripped-back percussion and soothing synth elements. The persistent keys almost have a classical harpsichord feel and the whistling synth riff seems to beckon you into the journey the track takes you on.

When you break down the tracks Karim Sahraoui is putting out (almost relentlessly) at the moment, they rely heavily on repetition of motifs, riffs and percussive patterns which, in the hands of less gifted producers, could easily make for monotonous music. The brilliance of the production here though, is the ability to intertwine multiple variations of the same melodies to create layers of narrative within the music that pull you in and take you on a journey.

The tracks on Mirakles Music are available for free download on their website so go get them, you won't regret it!

Listen to more from Karim Sahraoui on SoundCloud

Listen to more from Mirakles Music on SoundCloud

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