Kenneth Thomas & Frequent Flyer Miles – Grace Alene (Original Mix)

This is the first bit of trance to be reviewed on the Found Beats Blog and is a great place to start!

Currently charting (at time of press!) at #22 on the Beatport US Trance Charts, this is a collaboration between Kenneth Thomas, a familiar name on the Christian Trance Scene (with releases on Deepsink Digital, God’s DJs Records and Thomas’ own IAMPHOENIX imprint ) and Deepsink Digital regular Frequent Flyer Miles.

Named after Kenneth Thomas’ daughter (who was born the same week that the track was finished), the pairing (without the use of lyrics) communicate a message of hope and light through the uplifting melodies, chords and synth parts as the track drives you toward an epic breakdown and then build things back into the beautiful instrumental and pulsing beat.

There are some vocal elements but these are primarily used to add melodic and rhythmic elements further enhancing the “epic-ness” of the track.

With a huge catalogue of Christian Trance around, be sure to check the blog for more reviews in the near future.

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