Kevin Aleksander – Day N’ Night

Still catching up and wanted to drop this ASAP in case you hadn’t heard it…

Deeplife have a real ear for quality house music across the various genres, this time bringing some MASSIVE bass to the party in the form of “Day N’ Night” from Kevin Aleksander.

The original is a big, grungy, bass-heavy Electro House affair with saw bass riffs, futuristic/industrial sounding synth hooks and manipulated vocal stabs underpinned by solid, pumping kicks and driving hi-hats.

For us, the Jason DeRoche Remix is where it is at, adding some nice Garage-sounds through skipping hi-hats and staccato pad riff and bass hook. Jason DeRoche manages to retain the core of the original track while putting his own spin on the vibe.

Be sure to check out both Kevin Aleksander and Jason DeRoche and pretty much everything put out by Deeplife, you won’t be disappointed.

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