L&W – Breaking Ground (Album)

“Breaking Ground” is a collaboration between Northern California based duo L&W (AKA Joshua Laya – see our review of “Closer Still” under Laya’s Old Dominion alias – and Casey White).

L&W are previous winners of the “Louder Than Words” (by Summerlin) remix competition on Dream Records.

This release covers a variety of styles from chilled beats to aggressive and industrial sounds (both instrumental and vocal driven).

“Legacy” opens things with a, Frank Sinatra quoting, spoken word sample over the top of a smooth, liquid backing.

“There’s More” fuses jazzy samples (reminiscent of classic “intelligent” Drum & Bass of the 90s) with more modern electro sounds and a high energy, almost impatient sounding, beat.

“Spark” is a slow building track starting with low-key chords and vocals and gradually introducing more elements as things progress, breaking and crescendoing before dropping back and building again.

Agressive and industrial sounding synths and beats make up “Exterminate” (which, from the title, you may have guessed uses a Dalek-sounding “Exterminate” vocal sample).

“Breaking Ground” is lead by the first proper vocal of the release (sung by Luciddoron) and is backed by an simple, up-tempo beat and more EDM-sounding synths.

“Interval” is exactly that, an instrumental break from the full beats of the other tracks on the release. Filled with little electronic stabs and hits over a chilled percussive beat and pulsing chords, this provides some rest from the high-tempo Drum & Bass and leads nicely into the last track.

The release is rounded out with the calmer, down-tempo “Flames of Love” featuring vocals from Aneym. The lyrical elements are complimented by light and airy chord sweeps, bright synths riffs and a more chilled beat.

Overall, this is a solid release from L&W with a mix of sounds that will appeal to a wide audience.

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