Marcos Cruz – Groovetonic

We’ve been aware of Spanish Producer and DJ Marcos Cruz for a while having heard his balearic-style, poolside house remixes/interpretations of Jesus Culture and Hillsong.

“Groovetonic” takes a step away from that style with a more tech-edged house sound which, as the vocal stabs declare, definitely gets the groove going.

We really love the descending synth riff that flows throughout the track, developing with each repetition and building the vibe of the track.

The main break keeps the beat going, stripping it right back to just the kick before introducing an almost alarm-sounding, pulsing note, additional percussion and a bouncing bass-pad riff.

The synths build again before dropping you back into the main hook.

This is a quality slice of house from a very talented artist and DJ who is not afraid to overtly introduce the presence of God into his sets and productions.

Listen to more from Marcos Cruz on SoundCloud


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