micFreak – Hail House

That synth! I have to admit that I wasn’t convinced when I first heard this, the synth is so off-key, but after a few listens I can say that it’s a bit of a grower. The synth riff reminds me a bit of “Real Joy” by Fono that was an unusual chart hit in the UK last year.

The intro doesn’t really build too much with the slightly wobbly bass riff, vocal stabs and simple beat driving you towards the break. Then in comes that synth being filtered and warped from all angles. The kick, hats and snares start building and then we’re dropped back into the beat and a slightly less manipulated version of the synth hook. From there the track pushes on through some snare builds and into the simple beat and bass outro.

If you want something a little less crazy, Francisco Samuel’s remix strips things right back. It uses the synth more subtly, relying on a more complex and rhythmic beat and sub bass to lead things. These are accompanied by subdued pads and vocals that really sit under the beat, complimenting it rather than dominating the track letting the rhythms and bass do the bulk of the work.

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