MrClottey – Facts From The Future EP

Hot on the heals of his chilled house remix of Jules Rendell’s “Old Friend”, MrClottey is back with “Facts From The Future”, an EP of 3 massive bass-heavy house tracks.

The EP opens up with “Comin’ Back”. With deep, pitch shifted, lyrics based on Revelation 1:7, “Comin’ Back” is built around an infectious bass hook and big kick drums. The percussion and melodic elements stay pretty minimal allowing the bass to take over.

“He’s comin’ back, coming on the cloud, every eye will see, every eye will see”

Next up is another collaboration with Jules Rendell. “Feel Your Love” showcases Jules’ soulful vocals before dropping into another massive bass hook.

“Feel your love, I wanna feel your love, Jewish Messiah, I wanna feel your love”

MrClottey cleverly switches up the bass riff at different points in the track to keep things varied and compliment the builds.

The EP closes with “Look Up And Bow” which lays a stirring preach that speaks of the end times and the second coming over another bass-heavy instrumental. The chords bring a dramatic feel to the track with the simple, staccato bass riff further accentuating this.

“The title comes from the idea that prophecy speaks of future events that have yet to come to pass…factual in God’s eyes, I believe.” (MrClottey)

We first heard “Comin’ Back” a few months ago in a mix MrClottey put up on SoundCloud and have been bugging him since for a release date! It’s definitely been worth the wait as this is a quality EP of club-ready House tracks with an overtly Jesus-focused message.

If you like this, you should also check out “Be Who?” (available as a free download on MrClottey’s bandcamp page:

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