MrClottey – Graham Cooke ‘The Art of Thinking Brilliantly’ in B minor

I have to start with an apology to MrClottey on this as he sent it to me months ago and I’m only just posting about it now.

Graham Cooke ‘The Art of Thinking Brilliantly’ in B minor is more of a concept than an album, EP or DJ mix, it’s a blend of instrumentals produced by MrClottey in a range of styles with ‘Building the Right Mindset’ from Graham Cooke’s The Art of Thinking Brilliantly Pt1 sat over them.

Before I get onto the music, I just wanted to quickly cover the preach as it’s a really interesting one. Like with a lot of preaching, there will be things that resonate with you immediately, things that challenge you to dig deeper into God’s word and some things that you may not agree with. In any case, it’s worth listening to this mix a few times allowing yourself time to focus on the message as well as on the music (I think I had it solidly on repeat on my daily commute to and from work for at least a week to give me time to absorb it all).

Musically, the instrumental tracks are so varied, weaving in and out of different house sounds through breakbeats, jazzy live sounding tracks, jungle, bass heavy stuff and a lot of other styles in-between. It really is an impressive showcase of MrClottey’s production skill and ability. None of the tracks dominate or get dominated by the vocal sample which is edited very nicely to fit around the transitions between different tracks and to compliment the intensity of the preaching.

This one is marked as “Pt.1” so we can only hope that Parts 2, 3, 4….. will follow before too long as the combination of high quality dance music and the preaching of God’s word is definitely something we’re on-board with!

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