Narrow Skies – Chasing The Sun (Float & Follow Remix)

This is the first proper ambient/chill track we’ve featured on Found Beats so we were struggling slightly to describe Float and Follow’s sound on this remix – fortunately for us, Float and Follow had it expertly covered in their Soundcloud profile description.

“Float and Follow is an Electronic Bass musician focused on experiencing the Holy Spirit through sound. With ethereal synths, ambient samples and deep bass Float and Follow crafts a soundscape for listeners to be introspective and draw closer to God.”

This remix of ” Chasing The Sun” from nordic musicians Narrow Skies does exactly that, crafting atmospheric soundscapes through delicate, airy chords, analogue synths and stripped back beats.

(If you’ve not heard of Narrow Skies, you may be familiar with their sister project, Salt of the Sound)

“I spend all my time¬†chasing the sun”

Narrow Skies describe the aim of the original track as “being to give a musical sense of emergence out of autumn and winter, through into more sunny, summery climes!”

Spiritually, to me, this mirrors that sense of longing/chasing after the things of God, seeking the better things he has in store for us.

If you’re a fan of this style of electronic music, keep an eye on the website as we try to expand the breadth of styles/genres we feature.

Listen to more from Float and Follow on Soundcloud.

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