Old Dominion – Closer Still

Liquid Drum & Bass on this 2012 release from Old Dominion (Sacramento based Joshua Laya) on Gods DJs Records.

The track starts in a high-hat accented break with bright orchestral synth-chords sitting behind a building piano riff.

The track then drops into a smooth beat with the chords swirling and additional pads providing the hook.

At about 1:45 the track really gets going with some jazzy sax leading us into the meat of the track – a pulsing bass riff, chopped vocals and that liquid D&B beat.

The track breaks again into the hat and chords and some more of the jazzy piano and sax and then drops back into the beat.

Drum & Bass isn’t the main style you will find coming from the Gods DJs stable but on the evidence of this, maybe there should be some more of it!

Listen to more from Old Dominion / Joshua Laya on Soundcloud

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