Raskal – Souls On Fire (2016 Remix)

“Souls of Fire (2016 Remix)” from Raskal (AKA Georgia-based Ronnie Rask) is a chilled, deep house track that bumps along nicely without relying on big drops/breaks. The track gently rises and falls without too much drama but will have you swaying along to it’s inviting beats and melodies.

The simple vocal cuts through at just the right moments to add a small amount of anticipation for the drop without stepping outside the overall laid-back feel of the track.

Out on MK837, this is another great release from a label that consistently put out quality techno, deep, tech and tribal house cuts (as well as tracks that venture into different genres).

For fans of House Music and Coffee, check out Raskal & Bri’s “Coffee House” vlog over on their Facebook Page


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