Samuel Zamora – Shofar Dance

Shofar (Noun)  – A ram’s horn blown as a wind instrument, sounded in Biblical times chiefly to communicate signals in battle and announce certain religious occasions.

Samuel Zamora is back on MK837 with “Shofar Dance”. As you’d expect from the meaning of the title, this is filled with ethnic horns and horn-style synth stabs. These are sat over BIG drums and a repeating and rhythmic, staccato bass line. I like the way the synths etc gradually build through each section to a crescendo before dropping things back to the pulsing beats and bass.

Alongside the original, there are remixes from the on-fire micFreak and MK837 label boss Dave Richards, each putting their recognisable twist on the track.

micFreak completely switches up the style with his classing house sound, introducing swinging hi-hats, a jazzy bassline and pad hook, string chords and vocal elements.

The main vocal stab repeats “I am the truth, I am the life, I am that light” further emphasising the biblical focus of the track.

Dave Richards takes the track on a Tribal/Techno Journey, ramping up the tempo with ethnic percussion to go alongside big kicks and pulsing bass similar to the original.

Utilising the Shofar horns in the break, the track then drops back into the heavy beats/bass and introduces an acid-house style synth hook.

Receiving support from some major players in the dance scene (Steve Lawler and Robert Owens to name just 2), this is definitely one your should check out.

Listen to more from Samuel Zamora on Soundcloud

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