Samuel Zamora – Yo Soy (Micfreak Remix)

Baltimore based micFreak must be one of the hardest working producers out there, he seems to have new original tracks or remixes out on an, almost, weekly basis!

We reviewed the original demo of “Yo Soy” by Samuel Zamora back in December 2016 and, at the time, said we’d be “eagerly looking out for a full release of this one!”. Thanks to micFreak, “Yo Soy” is now out on his Funktrap Records imprint.

Alongside the original, the release comes with 3 remixes, including this effort from micFreak himself. Utilising a lot of the elements of the original, micFreak keeps up the pace and energy of Samuel Zamora’s original. The major difference is that micFreak changes the feel of the track by stripping out the classic piano house riff and introducing a synth-pad triplet motif.

The long breakdown builds the tension and anticipation before a gritty, wobble-bass, stab drops you into the energetic main hook.

Both the original and micFreak’s remixes would be great additions to any House DJ’s crate and are well worth checking out!

Listen to more from Samuel Zamora on SoundCloud

Listen to more from micFreak on SoundCloud

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