Silverfilter – Give (The Remixes)

If you’ve been following Deeplife Records for a while, the name Silverfilter is probably one you’ve come across before as the manila-based producer has had a number of releases and remixes on the label (along with other labels you may be familiar with such as MK837, Funktrap and his own Trike Records imprint).

“Give”, which was originally released just over a year ago, is a tough House offering that’s driven by a relentless staccato bass riff, pounding kick and rhythmic percussion. The vocals are chopped and looped through the track while a simple, repeating, synth hook is brought in at various points in the track to add some variety while the bass and beats push on.

One year on and Deeplife have followed this up with a 2-part collection of remixes featuring familiar Deeplife artists

Our pick of the Remixes on Part One (and across both releases) is the Drade Bass version. The track opens with some classic house beats alongside the synth riff and vocal sample from the original. Dropping into a seemingly innocuous breakdown, the bass rises as the percussion builds into a massive drop that takes the track in a completely different direction with Drade Bass’s signature staccato Brazilian Bass bassline along side a huge, distorted bass synth riff.

Across the rest of Part One you’ll find latin Rhythms and pumping bass in the Toxic Emotion remix, driving house beats and bass from Kareem Martin and a slightly harder-edged offering from MicFreak featuring classic 808-style beats and tech synth and bass hooks.

From Part Two, our favourite version was the AJ Mora remix which took the track down a slightly moodier and more atmospheric route with some of AJ Mora’s signature touches on the beats and synths.

An 80s synth infused, rhythmic take on the track from Jason DeRoche, a heavy Bass House remix from Lame Boy and Silverfilter’s own minimal tech-house “Explorer Mix” round out Part Two and are all work checking out.

Deeplife consistently put out quality house music and these remix packages are well worth checking out as there’s pretty much something for everyone, no matter your House genre of choice.

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