Cover Image for Reyer Remix of Way Maker by Sinach

Sinach – Way Maker (Reyer Remix)

It’s been a couple of years since we’ve seen a prominent worship song get the EDM treatment from Reyer as he has been focusing on his live worship projects.

Taking on the hugely popular “Way Maker” by Sinach, Reyer has stripped away pretty much all of the familiar elements of the original, leaving just the main melody in the vocals and flipping the rest of the track on it’s head.

For me, this is by far the best approach to remixes of familiar worship tracks – there are, normally, countless versions where all the producer has done is stick in a 4/4 beat and a bigger bassline and some synths that just mirror the original.

The intro has an almost balearic vibe to it, reminding me of late early 00s Ibiza classics before the Progressive / Big Room style main drop hits.

The separation between the chilled vocal breaks and intense instrumental drops works really well allowing for “hands in the air”, worshipful moments alongside energetic, jump-up sections.

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