Soul Savaz Feat. DJ SS, Jay Square & Victor – Thank You

If you’ve been anywhere near the UK Drum & Bass scene then the name DJ SS should be very familiar, he (and his label, Formation Records) have been responsible for some of the biggest tracks over the last 25 years.

This is one from his “Soul Savaz” project which focuses on producing high-quality, God-centred and (very) bass-heavy music.

“Thank you Lord, I just want to thank you”

“We just wanna give thanks and glory”

“You are worthy to be praised”

Big bass and jungle beats (synonymous with DJ SS’s style) underpin this track with light brass elements and reggae style vocals flowing over the top.

The vocals sound almost like they are free-styled giving the feel of a genuine, spontaneous heart response to God.

If you are a fan of proper Drum & Bass / Jungle, then this one is a must – especially as it’s a free download from Soundcloud so there’s no excuse!

Listen to more from DJ SS on Soundcloud

It’s also worth checking out this interview with DJ SS (on his church’s website) where he talks about balancing working in the secular music industry and his faith – I love that, when planning gigs, one of the considerations is whether he can make it back for church on Sunday!


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