Soul Savaz feat. DJ SS & Victor – Forgive Me Lord

Another drum & bass roller from the Soul Savaz project. This one is a slow builder with an intro over 2 minutes long! It starts with subtle, digital sounding synths and soft chords and vocals. As the track builds, a quiet, guitar riff sits behind the brighter synths. Hi-hats start to build towards the drop and the vocals become more forceful (almost desperate) sounding…

“Forgive me Lord for the things I’ve done, forgive me Lord for the sins to come”

…The voice of someone who recognises that, in their own flesh, they are weak and unable to resist the temptation of sin crying out for the forgiveness that only comes from God then declaring that only He is worthy of our praise….

And then it drops!! Into an aggressive, industrial sounding bassline (reminiscent of “The Nine” by Bad Company). The vocals and melodies swirl over the top of the beat. The track breaks again into a more musical section with strings and gentle vocals before dropping back into that heavy bassline.

I’m really excited about the stuff that is coming out on Bass Disciples, the quality of the releases so far has been top notch – tracks that will sit comfortably alongside secular, club ready Drum & Bass while delivering a God-centered message.

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