Soul Savaz feat. DJSS & High Roll, Victor & Tsui – Hearts To The Heaven (DJSS 2017 RMX)

DJSS is at it again with a refresh of this Soul Savaz track (originally out on his Formation Records imprint in 2015).

Like the previous Soul Savaz / Bass Disciples releases we’ve featured, this is all about presenting a heavily Gospel centred message in the form of a track that would not sound out of place on any Drum & Bass dance floor.

“From our hearts to the heavens,¬†Jesus be the centre, it’s all about you”

This remix builds on the minimal style of the original with it’s haunting vocals and deep basslines but adds a more in-your-face beat and synth triplet riffs to build out the track.

DJSS remains one of the biggest names on the Drum & Bass scene and we really can’t say enough about how encouraged we are to see someone of his stature within his scene overtly declare his faith through the music he puts out. These Gospel D&B tracks are not a niche “side-project”, they feature on compilations put out by Formation and are regularly played out to massive crowds and mainstream D&B events.

We are massively excited to see what’s next from DJSS / Soul Savaz / Bass Disciples!


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