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SPECIAL FEATURE: DJ Flubbel – Christian Hardstyle Remix Project – Part 2

Welcome back to our special feature from DJ Flubbel on his Christian Hardstyle Remix Project. Make sure you check out DJ Flubbel on his website and socials (links at the bottom).

Graceland Anthem (Stryptic Remix)

“Celebrate, Grace, God, People, Life, Love. His Grace has no end, this is Graceland!”

Background Story

“I made the original (EDM) version of this song together with Kasiyya in 2016 on the occasion of my gig at the Graceland festival in Holland. I decided to ask Stryptic to join me and make a hardstyle remix and I was very happy with the result. The words “Celebrate, Grace, God, People, Life and Love” are from the slogan of the Graceland festival. It was a very cool experience. At first I thought I was booked as a sideshow, I wasn’t even sure whether I should go, but in the end God surprised me and I was able to do my gig mainstage.”


“It is good to celebrate life and focus on the Love of God. His grace has no end! Like one of my favorite bibles verses Roman 8:38-39 says: ‘Nothing can separate us from the Love of God, which is in Jesus Christ!'”

Part 3 of the write-up will be up on the website tomorrow.

DJ Flubbel released the album not for personal profit: 50% of the profits will go to charity, the other 50% will support the remix artists. The album is available in all major online stores including iTunes, Apple Music, YouTube and Spotify.

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