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SPECIAL FEATURE: DJ Flubbel – Christian Hardstyle Remix Project – Part 3

We’re back again for the third, and final, part of our Special Feature from DJ Flubbel on his “Christian Hardstyle Remix Project”.

Put Down Your Smartphone (Coroxxon Remix)

“Connected by real love, not a wall or a page Refuse to follow the rules of this digital age! Stop sending lonely likes, but send out real love. Stop sharing trashy tweets, but share the love from above! Start truly connecting with your neighbors and friends, So, put down your smartphone, and lift up your hands!”

Background Story

“In the past there was a moment that I was convinced that I would never buy a smartphone. LOL, a few years later, I lost the battle and bought one anyway and I guess I am now kind of addicted to it. I even struggle some times to keep grip on the amount of time I spend on it.

A few years ago it struck me to see how many people are literally experiencing most part of their life via the small screen of their phones. Even though there is growing evidence that social media is not making us happy at all; and even can lead to depression or anxiety. With the lyric I wrote I hope to wake people up and encourage them to start really connecting again. Coroxxon (from Guatemala) did an awesome job remixing the original version which I made 5 years ago (as a free release).”


“I guess the message is like the lyric says: “Start truly connecting with your neighbors and friends, So, put down your smartphone, and lift up your hands!”

Thank you for reading my story. These where the first 3 videoclips I made for this project. There are more tracks on the album and I hope to make more videos later this year. Be sure to keep an eye on my social media (but not too often, LOL) or my website I hope you like it and that perhaps you are willing to help me out by sharing my music and message with your friends!”

Huge thanks to DJ Flubbel for sharing the story behind these songs, make sure you check out the full album.

DJ Flubbel released the album not for personal profit: 50% of the profits will go to charity, the other 50% will support the remix artists. The album is available in all major online stores including iTunes, Apple Music, YouTube and Spotify.

You can read more about the album and featured artists on

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