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Stasoul, Mbali M – How Great You Are (Soultronixx Oracle Remix)

I stumble across this track when I was checking out some of Dav Risen’s tracks/remixes (check out the last review we posted) and was instantly taken by it.

Also hailing from South Africa, Stasoul blends soulful and afro house grooves and rhythms with Gospel vocals on “How Great You Are”.

We’ve gone for the Soultronixx Oracle Remix from the “The Basement Vol 2” release on Double Cheese Records. The remix retains a lot of the rhythms and the feel of the original but underpins it with a stronger beat and gentle synth chord progressions that just lift the track that little bit extra.

With vocals from Mbali M that speak of the goodness of God and the writer’s, almost uncontrollable, desire to give Him praise in response, this track is uplifting, worshipful and infectious.

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